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 Feb 5, 2015: Survey on Stereotypes [results]
 Nov 17, 2014: Survey on Resurrection [results]
 Oct 7, 2014: For Ladies: Gender Relations [results]
 Sept 24, 2014: Jesus' Virgin Birth [results]
 Sept 18, 2014: For Young Men: Gender Relations [results]
• Aug 26, 2014: Priorities [results]

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New Testament - 9th-12th grade
• Syllabus, curriculum and class documents available HERE.
• Bible Memorization Rap Video: Click HERE
Fr. Felix Just's E.N.T.E.R. NT Study resources
Bible Gateway: Online Bible
Accordance: Mac Bible Study Software
E-Sword: Free Bible Software for PC
Bible Study Tools
Biblos: Original Language Bible Study

World Religions - 9th-12th grade
• Syllabus, curriculum and class documents available HERE.
BBC World Religions Guide
Adherents: One stop shop for religious demographics
United Religions Initiative: Kid's World Religions Guide
Religion Facts
Resources for Religious Tolerance and Understanding
Encyclopedia Mythica - Internet encyclopedia of mythology and folklore

God Debate - 10th-12th grade
• Syllabus, curriculum and class documents available HERE.
• Hitchens Presentation Feedback form: HERE
Squashed Philosophy: Your favorite philosophers, only smaller
BBC Ethics Guide
The Catholic Catechism Online
Biologos: Exploring the relationship between Religion and Science
Christian Philosophy
CARM: Christian Apologetics
Apologetics Index: More Apologetics
Christocentric Universal Restoration

Introduction to the Christian Story - Middle School

• Syllabus, curriculum and class documents available HERE.
• Bible Memorization Rap Video: Click HERE

 Click HERE for theological charts, maps and documents
 Click HERE for my links to theological resources
 TMI share box: Click HERE

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