The Rev. Nate Bostian resides in San Antonio Texas with his wife Kim, and three children: Elise, Taggart, and Vera. Since 2010, Fr. Nate has served as head chaplain at TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas. Prior to that, he was Episcopal Chaplain at Southern Methodist University and director of young adult ministry at Saint Michael and All Angels in Dallas.

Fr. Nate is a veteran of a decade of parish ministry with families, youth, and young adults, as well as nearly seven years as a Social Worker, ministering primarily to runaway and abused children. He received his Master's of Divinity from Perkins School of Theology in 2008, and his Bachelor's degree in history from Texas A&M in 1996. Nate enjoys hiking, lifting weights, good coffee, science fiction, and Monty Python. You can contact Fr. Nate or view his blog at

Fr. Nate's rule of life and ministry philosophy can be summarized by the great commandments: Love Jesus and love like Jesus (cf. Matthew 22.37-40). If what we are doing isn't doing this, we must do something else. It is that simple, and that difficult. A more extensive collection of Fr. Nate's ministry philosophy and rule of life can be found here.

Resume and Profile: Click here for Nate's Resume / Curricula Vitae, including Ministry philosophy and OTM profile.

Sermon Archive: I have dozens of sermons on video through the YouTube account of TMI Episcopal, as well as the sermon archives at Grace Church San Antonio and St. George Church San Antonio. You may also listen to some of my sermons from my stint at Saint Michael and All Angels from 2008-2010 by going here. If you want to read some of my sermons, they are available on my blog sermon archive.

Teaching Materials and Curriculum: This page includes links to syllabi, class documents, handouts, and interactive surveys. [click here for teaching materials]

Articles on Chaplaincy: This includes articles on spiritual formation, ministry philosophy and program design for TMI- The Episcopal School of Texas [click here for TMI Spirituality pages]

YouTube Multimedia: Just for fun, here are some multimedia projects I have written and performed for teaching and chaplaincy.
Bible Memory Rap
Fr. Nate raps at Camp Capers
Religious not Spiritual (spoken word)
Fr. Nate photoshopped by TMI students

Photos and Headshots of Fr. Nate and family.

You can contact Fr. Nate at natebostian [at] gmail [dot] com or call or text at two one zero three seven zero seven five seven nine.

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