A Letter to some "Biblical Unitarians"

Sent to the fine folks at: http://www.biblicalunitarian.com/ and http://www.truthortradition.com/

Aha! Some post-modern day Arians! You are aware that your position has been rendered non-credible officially since the council of Nicea in 325 AD, and again at Constantinople in 381 AD (even though the church and empire was overwhelmingly Arian, I mean... "Christian Unitarian"... during the intervening 50 years)? You simply must read not only your Bible again (in original languages, please), but also your church fathers: Athanasius, Cyril, Gregory Nazianzus, Gregory of Nyssa, Basil the Great, etc. They are all far more scriptural (not to mention artful) than anything found on your website. Or you can simply read any one of several hundred catholic, reformation, or modern systematic theologians. They all present an infinitely more coherent interpretation of Scripture than your private interpretations.

But, if you persist in being Unitarian, may I suggest the following:

1. Take Jesus out of all your hymns and worship. If He is indeed a mere man, then you are guilty of worshipping and serving a creation rather than the Creator who is forever praised, Amen (cf. Romans 1; the first two commandments). Last I checked, idolatry (which is what you are doing if Jesus is a mere human) is a sin that will take you straight to hell. So do yourself and the people who actually buy into your teaching a favor, and delete all the hymns and lessons that praise Jesus... because that just makes ya'll damnable idolators.

2. Secondly, you need to figure out your theology of salvation, because the last I checked, salvation included Christ being in us (John 14:20; Rom. 8:10), being one with Christ (John 17:21), Christ living in us (Gal. 2:20), Christ dwelling in our hearts (Eph. 3:16-17), and actually being participants in God's divine nature through Jesus (2Pe. 1:3-4). Salvation is not just living forever, but having Christ live in us. Last I checked, no other humans can live inside us. That is God's job. How can Christ live in us if He is a mere man? Are you not guilty of putting a mere man in the place of God by saying He forgives sins, He gives eternal life, He lives in us and He joins us to God?

By my count you are idolators twice over... and if you are right about Jesus and I am wrong, then we are both going straight to hell: me for being a heretic and you for being idol worshippers. But if I am right, you need to repent, because you are guilty of ignoring and denying the unique incarnation of God in human flesh. If God had wanted to save ants, He would have become an ant. If He had wanted to save dogs, He would have become a dog. But He wanted to save humans, so the invisible God became visible, touchable, and enfleshed in the human Jesus Christ (cf. Col. 1). I hope you realize this, or at least change your worship and teaching on salvation to be consistent with denying Jesus is God.

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