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I want to give an update to my post about Power FM (see it by clicking here). I sent the letter in via email, and Eddie Alcarez (the station manager) actually CALLED me to talk about my letter (bravo powerFM!!!). We had a great 20 minute conversation, and I got to understand powerFM's stance on things much better. I don't agree all the way with them, but I truly see why they do what they do. Since my post was very critical of powerFM, I feel they deserve a fair shake. So, here is a reply from powerFM that I re-constructed from Eddie's comments (I will write as if I am Eddie):

Dear Nate,

Thank you for your concerns about the station and its direction. As a supporter, we greatly value your comments and want to do everything we can to make powerFM a beacon of light and life to both believers and unbelievers across the D/FW area. As you know, we are on the front lines of a culture war, and God has called us to a special position within this war, and I want you to understand the position we are taking. Because of this, I will address each of your issues briefly:

1. About your concern over our new motto "the Christian Rock Station":

We at powerFM are very dedicated to outreach to the unbelieving community, or else we would not be on-air, we would not go out into the community, and we would not do the community service projects we do. However, we found that many non-Christians were upset when they tuned in to an "alternative" station, and felt tricked because it was a Christian station. Furthermore, we have also found that a great many Churches in the D/FW area do not even know we exist. Because of this, we decided to "come out of the closet" about who we are. As you know, good ministry is always a fine balance between outreach to non-Christians and in-reach to edify the Christian community. Prayerfully, we at powerFM have decided that this is our season of "in-reach", in which we advertise ourselves as a definitively Christian rock station, in order to help the Church community better know who we are and use us as a resource. This in no way diminishes our commitment to outreach, but enhances it because we are openly proclaiming who we are and what we stand for to the believing and unbelieving community in D/FW.

2. About your concern over our song selection:

We at powerFM are very firm that our calling from God is to be a ROCK station. We think that it would be great if there was a Christian K-104 rap station or a Christian dance station. But, to be honest, when we alter the format of the rock we play, we get complaints and actually loose listeners who tune in for rock music. Even the special shows we did (such as the hour long hip-hop show we did) drew complaints and we found out that people would not tune in and listen, but actually tuned us out when we tried to alter our format. As a result of this, and much prayer, we at powerFM have decided to minister to the "flock" God has given us, and that is: rockers. We know that this music format is not for everyone all the time, but it is what God has called us to. I hope you can understand.

3. About your concern over "creation moments":

To be honest, this is one our most requested special shows by far. Every year at our call-a-thon, we get far more requests for this than any of our other pastors or ministries that have segments on our station. People would not care if we lost half of the other special segments we run, but if we stopped creation moments, people would actually get angry. While we know that creation theology can be a touchy subject, and that you mat have concerns over "six day literalism", that is honestly NOT what people are getting from this program. They are getting reasons to believe in God and His Christ, and I think we can all agree this is a good thing. That is why we run this segment, and I hope you understand.

In conclusion, I want to encourage you. Thank you for your concerns and I hope that this reply tells you a little about why we do what we do. This is not meant to debate you, but simply to show you what God's calling is for our station in the midst of this culture war. I hope you can keep "fighting the good fight" with us, because we need you.

Keep supporting us and keep on rocking!

- Eddie (reconstructed by Nate)

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