New Look

One of my friends asked me to try something with a white background so it is easier to read long posts... and so, here it is.

Tell me if you like it / don't like it.

Also... does anyone know of another site to get templates? It would be fun to try something more interesting than what blogspot offers, but I don't have time to code the HTML for my own.

May the Lord bless, keep, and empower you, now and always. Amen.


Anonymous said...
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Carolyn T said...

Thank you! This is much easier for me to read. I enjoy reading your long posts, but often I had to highlight them (to create a lighter background on the words) because the black background was difficult. I like this much better. Keep it up!

Matt Tapie said...

Okay Nate you rule. Thanks for giving the old eyes a rest! :)
I am not real good at web stuff or html but have learned to mess around with the blogger code. Maybe I could show you a few of my tricks some time. Maybe the dots could represent a "thousand points of light" as George H. Bush used to say. Ha.
Hey come over to my blog and read my post about ACU and let me know what you think.
We also need to go get some coffee at Cafe Brazil again!
God bless,

mike said...

This is scary. I just changed the look of my blog (getting away from the black minimalist thing) and popped over here and ...ta da!

They say great minds think alike, apparently ours do too.

Andrew said...

Looks much better, Nate.

I rarely return to blogs with black backgrounds because they're just so hard to read. Takes all the fun out of them. This looks fine.

Valerie said...

This is way better Nate! SO much easier to read! Thanks, and keep up the great work, you write awesome stuff!

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