A thought while cleaning up the Junior High Youth Group's mess...

As I walk around cleaning up bags of disposable junk food and Styrofoam cups left behind by kids who, while essentially good kids, are still so self-absorbed and used to other people picking up after them that they probably didn't realize how horrible they left their own youth room, the thought struck my mind:

In all our activities, all our ministries, we must seriously ask the question:

"Is this forming Christlike people?"

Sadly, I fear that for most of us (myself included) the answer is usually "no".

It is time for a revolution.


Matt Tapie said...

Agreed! Bret Wells just allowed me to republish his Theology of Youth Trips post on my web journal. It's interesting that you are thinking about the same things.

I think the revolution starts with turning off our TVs.

Bret Wells said...

You know you've got my amen! Let's get practical and figure out how to get-r-done.

Part of what I think is essential to even begin this is to set the stage for safe communication...we are afterall talking about messing with VERY sacred cow.

It's important to remember not to get overly critical (one of my major downfalls) and celebrate the progress we can already see. I believe that celebration is an important sign of spiritual maturity.

We have to learn how to offer critique in such a way that it includes the energizing message of hope. (ie Walter Brueggemann's "Prophetic Imagination")

oh and by the way...short post man...don't quite know what to think.

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