SNL finds Christ in Christmas?!?

Merry Christmas all y'all!!!

Saturday Night Live is not known for being very Jesus-friendly, yet one of their skits last night hits it RIGHT on the head. It is an animated short about Jesus trying to find any Christ in modern Christianity.

It is, may I dare say it, prophetic...

Check out a downloadable video of it here:

It brings up the throbbing question: How can such a pagan show get closer to the Spirit of Jesus than so many "churches" of Consumer Christianity?

If you think that this video is just a left wing slam on righteous right wing evangelicals, you really, really need to check out Jesus' own criticism of the "religious right" of his own day in Matthew 23. Read it and see if you don't find more than just a little bit of similarities with 21st century American Christendom.

But perhaps the even bigger question is this: if even SNL can find Christ in Christmas... what is next???

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chris said...

you know that modern day churchianity is in trouble when 'secular' comics understand Jesus more than they do. it is this reason that I have had a difficult time fully identifying myself with the american church, and more so, why I understand the need for grace in it all because I am no better than the worst of them in my greatest moments.

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