Can someone give me ONE LOGICAL REASON to believe in God?

Someone asked the question "Can someone give me ONE LOGICAL REASON to believe in God?" on a facebook bulletin board. I got tired of scrolling through the very poorly thought out replies to such a question, so on spot 1333 I replied with this:

Well, the very idea that someone would ask a question like that- that anyone would- points to something (or someone) that is beyond human experience. The hunger for something indicates that there is something to fulfill that hunger. For instance, we hunger for food but we don't hunger to breath underwater. This is because we have an apparatus to eat food (a stomach), but not an apparatus to breath in water (gills).

If we didn't have a need for something like God- a trancendent something that gives life purpose and meaning- then we wouldn't even ask the question "Is there a God?" In fact, the very question would be non-sense. It would be like asking "Is there a xcflssmx?" Yet, as abstract as the idea of "God" is, even small children and atheists automatically understand what is being claimed in the question. God is that something that transcends all others and gives meaning to all others.

Even "logical reason" points to this. It is assumed that there are these rules called "logic" and "reason" which give order and structure to things, but which are not themselves part of the things they give order to. The basis of logic, non-contradiction, is usually summed up by the statement "X is X, and X cannot be non-X at the same time and in the same way".

We know there is this rational order to things. This rational order gives structure to math and logical discourse and physics and cooking and everything. Yet, it is not "in" any of these things. It is a non-empirical reality that controls empirical reality. Where does this come from?

Where do we get the idea that totally transcendent entities somehow control the physical cosmos? It points to this Something, or Someone, we call God.

Now the question is: Are these really pointers to this something, or is it all a smoke-and-mirrors show in which all percieved order, meaning, and logic are an illusion? If its all an illusion, then not even the question makes sense. Because it would be the equivalent of saying "Can someone give me ONE UBBDWS NBUINBU to believe in xcflssmx?"

I am completely willing for someone to say that all logic and rationality are meaningless, BUT if they do, they must live that way. They must live as if everything they say and feel (and everything everyone else says and feels) is meaningless. That's the only way to honestly hold such a belief.

But, I bet they can't do it. It's existentially impossible to live that way and remain sane.

The only other option is to say that logic and rationality are real, and they reflect the structure of reality. If we grant this, then we cannot leave it there. We must probe further. What do these transcendent structures of meaning point to? What type of God do they lead us to?

Now THAT is a better question...
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