The Bostian Bunch 2013

Everybody is happy on Santa's lap. Well, almost everybody.
Greetings from the Texas Hill Country,

Can you believe another year has come and gone?  We surely cannot.  We have now called San Antonio home for nearly four years.  Our children are getting so spoiled by all that this great city has to offer (the mild winters, rivers, parks, hills and culture).  I didn't realize how accustom they had become to the area till the children thought that 45 degrees was too chilly to be outside, at the same time our Dallas friends and family were experiencing "Icemageddon 2013".  This year we have enjoyed the outdoors, especially as Vera has begun to get more mobile and enjoys her backpack carrier.

Elise is in third grade at Leon Springs Elementary.  She was accepted into the gifted and talented program last spring.  Her GT program's theme for the year is law and justice.  It has been fun to watch her learn about our countries history.  She has also been able to read small passages about court cases and process with her friends why they think something is right or wrong.  It is interesting to see what she comes up with.  Elise is also a member of her school and church choir, as well as girl scouts (hint:  cookie season is right around the corner).  This past fall she played soccer, her favorite position was goalie.  This springs Elise is going to play her first season of basketball.  She is a very busy girl.

Tag is in Pre-K at St. Thomas Episcopal School.  He is your typical five year-old boy.  He loves to build things, solve puzzles, color and draw.  It is amazing to see the differences between his drawings/colorings and written letters from the beginning of this school year till now.  It is as though the improvement/skill mastery happened over night.  This past year Tag has enjoyed being in swim classes.  He loves the water.

Vera is sixteen months old and into absolutely everything.  It is so fun to watch her discover her surroundings.  Vera is not a picky eater, but she is definitely a fruit-a-tarian.  Yes, I made that word up, she always eats her fruits before anything else.  Vera started walking at 13 months and she is close to running now.  Either I have blocked out all of the baby-proofing and watching other kids, or she is our biggest explorer.  She has her own personality.  Recently we went hiking at Lost Maples State Park and Vera stayed awake for a half-day excursion.  In the past the backpack carrier put Tag and Elise to sleep within an hour.

Nathan is still the chaplain at TMI and loves it now more than ever.  TMI fully utilizes Nathan's ability to speak to a congregation and his passion for academics.  This past summer Nathan was able to do some supply work for parishes within the Diocese of West Texas.  This allowed our family a trip to South Padre Island for about a week.  This next summer we are planning on making this trip a little longer.  It was a great long break for our family.  Nathan only experienced one set-back this year when he tore his bicep and had surgery to repair it.  It is still in the healing process.

Lastly, there is me.  I am currently at home with Vera and plan on seeing what God has in store for us in 2014.  In 2013 I lost about 40 pounds.  How?  I'd love to tell you some amazing miracle, but it has been a gradual loss through monitoring my calories on a phone app and exercise.  I hope to continue this process in 2014 as I feel much better.  I still have a passion for teaching and have been collecting ideas (and reading) for when I one day return to the classroom.  I love all things educational.  This year I have seemed to spend most of my time just being present, but I still enjoy an occasional craft-frenzy.

May 2014 bring you and your family a year of joy.


The Bostian Family

[Composed by guest blogger Kim Bostian.]

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