Holy Crap

This is a poem inspired by Philippians 3.8 and it is not for the easily offended. So if you are easily offended, please read something else. With that said, here we go…

Holy Shit

I admit it
I have a thing for shit
Not sexually
Because that is just unsanitary
But spiritually and philosophically
I think there is a lot to shit
And shit is actually deeper 
Than we like to think

And the weird thing is
I think God
Has a thing for shit too.

While I have always been fascinated
With how deep the Shit gets
It has become more apparent 
with parenthood

Becoming a Parent includes a ton of shit
Both literal and metaphorical
From changing diapers
To headaches and heartbreaks
To that last gasp before death
Making people 
Real people
Mature people
Virtuous people
Requires wading through 
More shit than we can imagine. 

And if Jesus is to be believed
God is a Parent
And that of course means
God has to wade through
All of our shit as well.

But in our culture we want to protect God 
From shit
And semen
And piss
And sweat
And even bad breath
And anything we associate with death
With decay
With flesh. 

We say it is beneath God's dignity
That it is blasphemy 
To equate God and Shit
Even by implication

But God will have none of it
God made shit
And if Genesis One is to be believed
God even said shit was good
Very good in fact

And the process of making a new life
Of raising a new person
And all the shit that entails
God made that too
And said it also was very good

And if the Gospels are to be believed
God became a human 
Who shit all over himself
As an infant in the manger
As a Savior on the way to the cross
As he became the Shit of the world 
So that we may become real people. 

Then Saint Paul
That crotchety and salty Apostle
Who took Christ to the world
Said he too was considered 
the shit of the world
Said he considered the world's treasures 
a pile of shit
Because of the greatness of following Christ

And across the religions we find
For the Hindus God is not only present
In the heights of meditation
But God is also present
At the bottom of the latrine
And for the Buddhists
Their koans tell us
The Buddha
The epitome of Enlightenment
That Buddha is a Shit Stick
And for many a Taoist sage
Taking a great dump
Like eating a great meal
Or bedding a great woman
Is one step removed from Transcendence.

So we find ourselves now
In surprisingly deep Shit
For God is both the very highest 
And the absolute lowest
God is the majestic Transcendence
Who upholds being itself
And God is in the very Shit
We wipe from our ass 
Because God is all in all.

This of course
Is a sermon I could never preach
But that doesn't mean
This shit won't preach. 

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