How to make a paracord Prayer Rope

The above video is a brief description of how to make a (nearly) indestructible Prayer Rope out of nylon paracord. A Prayer Rope is a version of Prayer Beads or a Rosary, and is used for repetitive, meditative prayers. Since I made mine, lots of people have asked me how to make it in person, over email, and by text. So, I decided to share how to make it with everyone. If it helps you on your spiritual journey, feel free to use it.

Here's a couple of other pro-tips that are not in the video:

Spacing is tricky. I try to make it so that it goes around my wrist 3 times and is fairly easy to get on and off. I had to make 5 other prototypes before I got to this one.

When you make it, try to snug up each bead as you make it to take out all slack. Otherwise it will stretch a lot once it is done.

Unfortunately, due to variabilities in wrist size and the tension of the knots, I cannot tell you exactly how long to make it. My only tip would be: Start with waaaay more cord than you need.

I have one other trick to keep it from stretching. Once it is totally complete and the length you want it, soak it in water. Then microwave it for 30-60 seconds. This will lock the fibers. But be careful: Too short in the microwave and it doesn’t get hot enough to lock it. Too long and it melts.

Lastly: I cannot say exactly how to make the finishing bead with the cross on it. I experimented until I got it right. It is the same basic technique as all the other beads.

And last but not least: Be patient and expect to do a few prototypes before you finally get it right. It’s like a Jedi making his/her own light saber. Enjoy the process and approach it prayerfully. Because, if you are making a Prayer Rope, prayer is the point!

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